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Posted on Mar 20, 2013

The power behind the pew

The power behind the pew

  TEC will be 27 years old in August, 2013. When the church was founded in 1986, it had a congregation which numbered little more than a handful, but today there are regularly over 50 people present on Sunday mornings. So what has changed? Well not a lot. If you were to come and visit, you would still find the same things going on. Hymns are still sung, prayers are still said without rehearsal and the bible is still read publically, believed whole heartedly and preached feelingfully. The fact that people come is not the whole story. TEC may buck the current dwindling church congregation trend, but that is no coincidence. The local churches were once populated by a similar people to those found at TEC regularly today. They were men and women who had experienced radical conversion; from darkness to light, from condemnation to reconciliation, from guilty to innocent, from lovers of the world to lovers of God. Theirs was not a religion of outward church going, but...

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