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Posted on Mar 14, 2015

Unravelling Job

Unravelling Job

After reading the 42 chapters devoted to the character Job in the bible, it’s quite easy to find yourself scratching your head wondering what you’ve just read. On first glance, Job seems self righteous, even irreverent and yet by the end we see God vindicates him. His three friends by contrast seem to rightly rebuke him and yet at the end it’s the three and not Job, God requires repentance from. What are we missing? We’re not so used to long discussions these days, so it’s hard to keep pace with the wordy rounds of rethoric that the four main characters engage in. What we can figure out quite quickly though, is that Job has one view about his suffering and his three friends have a very different view, and that both concern man and God. What we’re probably missing however, is that both Job and his friends have got the wrong end of the stick in their various interpretations of why God has brought this terrible calamity on...

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